Roma maggio 2018

Stepped frequency and reconfigurable stepped frequency systems (Raffaele Persico)
FMCW principles. The FMCW GPR prototypes developed at the University College of London (UCL), in United Kingdom (Lai Bun Lok)
Building a cheap GPR prototype with graduate students - the experience of the University of Split (Maja Skjlio)
GPR applied to roads and bridges: methodology - guidelines - examples and case studies (Carl Van Geem)
Combined use of GPR and deflection measurement devices, on roads (Carl Van Geem)
Groundwater resource monitoring using complementary geophysical techniques. Examples of data analysis and interpretation (Lai Bun Lok)
Pavement management (Carl Van Geem)
On the use of GPR in archaeology and for cultural heritage management: methodology - recommendations - case studies (Salvatore Piro)
GPR system performance compliance: how to test the performance of GPR equipment (Aleksandar Ristic)
GPR applied to the detection and localization of utilities in urban areas: methodology - guidelines - examples and case studies (Aleksandar Ristic)
GPR data processing (Davide Comite)
Early-time method for the estimation of the permittivity of soil from GPR data (Davide Comite)
TWINS I = Thin WIre Numerical Solver (Anna Susnjara)